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With substantial knowledge and experience in buying or selling of real estate, the team at Mehta Properties offers invaluable assistance and expertise in buying or selling real estate to individuals, real estate developers, landlords etc. We have been handling seamlessly full spectrum of real estate projects and are aware of the most competitive cost and fees involved in a transaction. Thus, providing innovative solutions in a practical, constructive, beneficial, business-oriented manner and ensuring our client is given the best possible prices.

Belonging to the legal fraternity, we duly realize the dynamics and volatility connected with real estate practice in India and thereby our endeavor is to inform our client regarding risks, technicalities and legal considerations involved in the transactions

Services we deal in to:




  • House (built up)
  • Flats
  • Showrooms
  • Booths
  • Industrial sheds etc.
  • Plot for house/construction
  • Agricultural

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